Coconut Wireless Kailua

A new way to spread the word!

Coconut Wireless Kailua is similar to an online forum, but with more functionality, such as the capability to create topics, email notifications and the ability interact with your community online. Coconut Wireless Kailua also has many “social media” like features such as friending, posting, private group forums (for neighborhood watch), private messaging and profile pictures. This site has been optimized to feel like a social media site, but is used as a community forum. There are many different discussion categories that your topics can be categorized under, this helps people find what they are looking for in the shortest amount of time possible.

Why Choose CWK?

Because it specializes in Kailua!

CWK (Coconut Wireless Kailua) is for our wonderful community! If someone has a lost pet, had a bike stolen, or heard about any break-ins, they post it on CWK – not Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Local events like these don’t have any relevance to the whole world, but they do in Kailua. CWK isn’t trying to replace any of your current social media sites, but we are highly encouraging you to join! Our goal is to get all of Kailua using CWK and with everyone’s help, we can make it. It might be very useful to you if your neighbor 3 blocks down has seen your lost dog or cat, you might want to play a big role in your community’s safety and warn everyone about recent break-ins, you might let everyone know about the garage sale you are having this Saturday, or you might just want to share your photos and videos with your friends. Either way, CWK is the place for you!

To help us reach our goal, you can get the word out: Share us of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, anything you want! But it doesn’t end here, CWK has some great things in store for Kailua!